Push Thru




Smooth Jazz Guitar Instrumentals: Reflections, Meditative Melodies, Nuit's Love Ritual, Lemme Put The Tip In, A Brighter Day, A Spiritual Calling, Expressions Of The Soul, Love Modes, Sensual Affirmations, The Illusion Of Movement, World's Of Our Choosing, Oceans Of Love, The Will To The Light, Divine Inspiration, Just For The Funk Of It, Souls In Flight


Relaxing Instrumentals: A Lovers Mind, A Journey Of Faith, Moroccan Midsummer Melody, From Here To There, Nebula Mists, Dreams Of Saturn, Simple Pleasures Inner Peace, Love Is All Around Me, Lucid Daydreams, Melodic Chit Chat


Funk Jazz/Hip Hop Fusion Guitar Instrumentals: The Sands Of Destiny - Mystic Vibrations - Akashic Groove Theory - Nzinga's Lament - The Opening Of The Way - Baraka - Five Fingers Of Formless Funk - Diablo's Dance - Tears Of Nostalgia - Cosmic Triggers - Other Tongues Other Flesh - The Final Secret - Melanin Mysteries - Spirit Speak - Tribal Science - Loungin - Time Beyond Time


Chill Hop Instrumentals/Remixes: Right In Front Of Her - Eternal Embrace - Dogmatic Contradictions - Sonic Algorythms - Funk Data - Peace Like That - Push Thru - See You Again - Can I Get Wit Ya - Sirius Transmissions - The Rabbit Hole


EP Releases on Bandcamp: Volume 6 - Volume 7 - Volume 8 - Volume 9 - Volume 10 - Volume 11 - Volume 12 - Volume 13 - Volume 14


Album Releases on Bandcamp: A Spiritual Calling


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