TERRA SQUAD - A Black SciFi Comic

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Terra Squad is a urban scifi comic I've been working on off and on over the years, from as far back as 2004 when I first came up with the concept. It takes place in the year 2106, where multinational corporations rule the world with private armies composed of meta-enhanced soldiers. This fierce competition led to many breakthroughs in nanotechnology and gene sequencing. But these breakthroughs came at a high price. Not in terms of credits, but in terms of the human lives deemed expendable in the name of scientific discovery.

Our story takes place in a dystopian future. The year...2106. The United States Of America no longer exists. What now stands in it's place is a federation of city states under corporate control. National soveriegnty has given way to a form of corporate dictatorship. With the population now firmly divided along economic, racial and cultural lines, global megacorps now exercise cradle to grave population control...within their border zones. State sponsored orphanages offer a path to a better life for lower class citizens by enrolling their childern into corporate sponsored training programs. This lottery based system is the only hope for most underclass citizens living in the smaller cities surrounding the major megalopolis, to gain citizenship within the borders of the global megacorp run metropolitan areas.

Unbenknownst to the general public is that these training programs are actually large scale metagene enhancement experiments for the creation of "enhanced" soldiers and assassins. Many of which are farmed out into various PMF's(Private Military Forces) or conscripted into service as agents and assassins to be utilized in various corporate espionage missions.

This is the tale of the exploits of several escapees from the top secret "training programs" of EDEN corp and Sinclair Industries. While being labeled as terrorists by the media and hunted by the M.T.F(Metagene Task Force), they seek to expose the seedy underbelly of state sponsored orphan programs and helping others escape what is essentially corporate slavery. This is the saga of TERRA SQUAD.